Ecstasy (sans gluten)


Before tonight I had not been out for over two weeks due to snow and ice followed by a cold and cough. I finally ventured down to our nearest larger town a half hours drive away because I had a meeting there. Afterward I went on a grocery shopping spree. I have been feeling really out of it — this virus has whacked me out, making me feel more of an alien than usual. Not to mention the cabin fever on top of it! Besides that I have been eating oatmeal with almond milk, mandarin oranges, celery and carrot sticks, and Progresso low fat chicken soup. I haven’t been able to taste much and we have had no desserts in the house of late.

At the store I peruse the bakery section which I never do, really! I am craving something fattening and sweet but I do not know what. My brain is actually telling me that I will feel less spacey if I eat something bad! Then I see a little cheesecake short and stout (see accompanying photo). I place it in the cart and finish shopping. On the way out I grab a handful of those cheap ‘sanitary’ paper towels they have at the entrance of the stores these days. These particular towelettes are like pages of printing paper with alcohol splashed on them. Once in the truck I undress the cake (the dented package looks like a Tasmanian devil opened it!) and eat like I would eat a young, handsome guy after I’ve just gotten out of prison. I think I actually jumped on the cake. My endorphins (“our own private narcotic”) went crazy. I felt the way that opium users must feel during that first hit of the day or whatever. It was like my soul got wrapped in marshmallow cream and then walked through a warm chocolate shower. I may have even blacked out. And it wasn’t even a good cheesecake! It had a foamy texture and the crust was mushy. But I will never forget it. And here I thought I was too old to experience that much pleasure in the cab of a compact pickup!

O, and I feel much better!

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