Owl be seeing you…


Tonight I was walking Kenneth-with-a-K and saw a bird on the ground near a bench. I reeled Ken in and slowed as the bird jumped up to the back of a bench across the road from us. It was an owl! I have only seen 3 owls in my life, two sort of close. This one was brown, probably a Barred owl. It sat below the street lamp light turning its head back and forth for about one minute. Then it flew into the shadows of a house.

What looks like an owl? Nothing. An owl looks like a cat with wings. In the American Indian tradition an owl may be considered as the eagle of the night. In dreams it can symbolize the unconscious and so should be paid close attention to.


photographs copyright Greg Lavaty

The last owl I saw up close was decades ago in a large park. It flew close over my head from behind me to up ahead and into a tree. It was pure white, like an angel, and as it flew and landed it sucked up or buffered every single sound around until there was perfect silence.


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