I feel sad, but I’m not going to riot over it

In the process of absorbing a new renter into our house I am ridding myself of more things that need to drift away in the back of my car, over the river and through the woods to the Salvation Army thrift store. One of these is my late mother’s sweater, a blue and white number that she wore quite often. It still has her memory care home room number written in permanent marker on the label. I tried to smell her on it by burying my face into it but there was nothing there, just the faint aroma of laundry detergent.


Earlier in the evening I talked on the phone with a friend of mine who told me that a mutual pal commented to her on how ‘conservative’ my websites, etc are. This made me as sad as letting go of mom’s sweater. It is just so lonesome to not be a liberal anymore. Of course I was one when young, weren’t we all? And the city where I grew up and knew all of these people from…if you disagree with them one iota on any social issue then you are basically scum (See Jonathan Pie rant via YouTube a few blog entrees below). Not being able to discuss things, having to ‘hide’ as the inadequate Republican that I am, makes me sad. There is no ‘third place’ for us to meet in the middle and learn from one another. It is polarizing, superficial, a waste of intelligence or at least the possibility of it. I have never been religious, I don’t have that part of ‘conservatism’ — mostly just common sense in terms of spending and, well, everything else. As an artist I also believe strongly that every person has been given a talent that they ought to realize and share with others via a free market. Enabling, not letting people have consequences for bad decisions, ‘victimizing’ etc keeps people from creating and sharing.

I’m also sad that the media takes a tiny thing that someone they do not like does or says and magnifies it into Fascism! Hitler! Prison Camps! For Chrissakes, really?

Maybe I’ll just go get a tattoo of Monica Crowley. She’s pretty. And single. I imagine her so immersed in her brilliant career that she doesn’t have time for dating. (OMG I love listening to her on the John Batchelor Show — how does he do so many incredible interviews every darn day one after another?!)

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