On Tuesday a handful of us walked through J’s house touching and picking up his things. J. was one of my oldest friends who drowned himself last spring. On purpose. He left notes. His family are cleaning out one of his houses and wanted a few of us to take things we might want. I chose a Star Wars Pee-chee, The Complete Works of Saki (Listen to Tobermory, the story of a talking cat HERE — it’s less than 20 minutes long and freaking hilarious!), Michael Medved’s Right Turns (I remember when J. read it), some salad tongs and a Hello Kitty paper holder. My ex-girlfriend D. was there — I introduced her to J. a few years back and they became fast friends because they both love astronomy and fishing. D. took a small knife with a holder for her belt, a pair of binoculars, two fishing poles (there were many of everything, including over 25,000 CDs of predominantly classical music) and a pair of owl candle holders. J’s girlfriend of the last 12 years gave me photos. J’s girlfriend from long ago, P., was there and I think J. was the love of her life because she is so deeply sad. There were photos of P. and J. when they were young and they are both so beautiful your heart would break.

We found a letter that I typed J. back in 1989 on a TYPEWRITER at the downtown library! This was before computers were, you know, ubiquitous. It cost me 25 cents to use the typewriter for 1/2 hour it sounds like from the letter. I was working as a temp at an insurance company and had probably become engaged (one of my many engagements) to T. H., another incredible cat who was as amazing as, say, Tobermory.


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