Love, apples


Are love apples your heart?
I almost forgot about my heart, which side it is on and all. Like, if I had to give the pledge of allegiance I’d have to pause  and think about where to put my hand. Luckily saying the pledge of allegiance doesn’t happen anymore so I can continue to forget about my heart.
My heart used to remind me of itself a lot. During my 20’s I would wake up first thing with my heart pounding because I was thinking about death. How dopey and self-centered!
Then there was that time I had a breakdown in Portugal and came home and could not sleep for weeks because every single night just when I was about to drift off my heart would pound so hard the bed shook.
I got so exhausted after weeks of it that I could not drive.
But now I can drive because I have forgotten my heart.
Is the term ‘love apple’ Shakespearian? O, now I remember — it means tomato.

P.S. Lemon Pledge of allegiance hahaha!

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