How panderful!

Steven Weinberg’s cartoons in Hyperallergic have been some of my favorites because I envy his seemingly simplistic use of conceptualism that is actually wildly sophisticated. Here is a terrific example.

But Houston, today I have a problem.

Weinberg’s latest work in Hyper entitled Escapism in Art (Click HERE) panders. I should know because I have been the Queen of Panderers. It is natural to want to pander. We want our peers and everyone else in the entire world to like us. I understand. But this piece just feels really politically reactionary to the point of being forced. It doesn’t feel right.

We pander at the sake of our integrity.

To pander is to step off the home plate of your own reality. And when we are off of that plate everything else we look at becomes skewed and is at the wrong angle to match our heart, mind, body, soul. The thing that my last therapist said to me years ago before I walked out the door was, “As long as you stay in reality you’ll be fine!” Which, in my case, is arguable!

Especially now it must be tempting to pander because our collective skin has grown so thin that we are a world of sensitive crybabies. It is so thin that I am surprised we have skin at all, shocked that we aren’t all walking around with our muscles, tendons and guts a-glistening. Like those old Encyclopedia Britannica illustrations with the human body revealed in layers of clear, printed Mylar.

And what a goddamn treat that would be — no skin means no pigment. All of us… judged by our behaviors and nothing else.

So grow a pair, people, and be true to yourselves. We need you and…opinions matter.

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