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I sent a version of this cartoon to my editor at Hyperallergic. It was lame (I already trashed it but I wish I hadn’t as I would like to have posted it here for yawl to compare!) so my brilliant editor once more asked me for more context. I was walking the dogs when I realized what I needed to do was to put myself into it, insert my inner thoughts. I know my thoughts can be judgmental but context, friends, is a package deal. Like a relationship — there is the good stuff mixed with the bad. Sorry! If you don’t put the dark stuff in you get Prairie Home Companion which is completely out of balance because there is no evil in it! I even put at the bottom of the new version of the cartoon that I am Being an asshole so that you don’t have to! Which I think is a cool thing to say. At any rate, with all this said I still got a finger wagging tisk tisk from a guy who wants to be his own asshole vs. my being it for him! Which is cool, it takes a load off ya know. (Comment below cartoon)


Comment: “Or just possibly it’s none of your business what they do with their hair and you should be less judgmental.”

PS The cartoon is still rather lame as it has only gotten 5 shares! Sigh…back to the digital tablet!

(Update: Up to 199 ‘likes’ and more comments added.)

2 thoughts on “The comment section

  1. Dear Edie,

    I did not want to get sucked into internet-bickering so I thought I would contact you directly with my thoughts, but then I found your blog. It seems that humor, irony, subtlety and self-effacement are lost on Hyper’s readers and all they saw was judgment. What I saw in the hair cartoon was a confession as to your own feelings of doubt as to hair, and it seemed pretty clear that you know all along it’s just hair. In the context of your whole output, it seems to be another example of great honesty as to self-doubt and comparison with the rest of the (art) world. And after all, every aesthetic judgment is subject to criticism, including hair, pruning a flower bush, or presenting a plate of food. So sorry you got piled on, but as you know it could have been worse.

    ps I disagree with the critics who a few years ago told you that your drawings were too cluttered.

    • Hi vc,
      Yeah it is amazing what strikes a cord and/or snaps one!
      Comments are a part of my ‘package deal’ of being a cartoonist — they set up a ricocheting effect and I can see by the light of their flight if the cartoon is still ‘working’ for me, for anyone, for anything. Your missive has balanced out the universe once again, like Charlie Parker’s sax lines always coming back to a center. Thank you! EE

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