New challenge for ex-heroin addict: going vegan

HILARIOUS post by my pal Doug. Really.


There are two things you need to know about today’s guest blogger, Doug Piotter. First, nothing is off-limits when he writes, as evidenced by a health blog that includes words like penis, Depends and heroin. Second, dude’s funny, which is why I encourage you to get in line for advanced copies of his upcoming book, Fixed: dope, dye packs and welcomed back. Subscribe here, comment below or contact us to learn more.

I guess there’s a third thing too: You’ll want to read this. Enjoy.

Greener Pastures
By Doug Piotter

I’ve kicked heroin, so going vegan should be a piece of cake, without butter and eggs.

I recently got a Vegucation on Netflix, and like the unsuspecting victims in the documentary Vegucated, my wife and I also agreed to go vegan for six weeks.

The charming documentarian lured us in with a mixture of scientific data and comedy. I felt…

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