Cool drawing contest via Udemy


Artist Javier Pérez finds inspiration for his drawings by taking the everyday items around him – be that a spare battery, fresh pencil shavings, a roll of tape, or even a simple paper clip – and thinking about them differently. We often look at things for what they are, not for what they can be, and Pérez breaks that mold in his drawings.

In the pursuit of drawing creativity, we’re running a contest!

NOTE: THIS IS NOT SPEC WORK! We will not own any of your content. If you feel inspired enter and draw a picture in this style, post it online somewhere and send us the link! We’ll pick and share our favorites, and award the artists prizes!
To enter, simply find an object around you and create an original drawing in the style of Pérez’s pictures below.
Along with your work, include a description of which of Pérez’s drawings inspired you the most, and submit it to this form by June 30, 2015.

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