Lisa Hanawalt’s Vegas buffet gorging essay with non-approved illustration!

Lisa Hanawalt’s illustrated essay about buffet-hopping in Las Vegas is a MUST read. It is right HERE, fresh from the Lucky Peach website.

The buffets there sound a bit different from those in Arkansas, perhaps a bit more glitzy-goofy and not as down home. Although, Luby’s is sort of an International Affair. Alas! In Arkansas buffets the restaurant owner’s stop by your table to chat and tell you secrets like how to stir beans: Don’t use a spoon or their skins will rub off, instead twist the pot back and forth like a car’s steering wheel!

And don’t forget the Mrs. Renfro’s on the way out. “Here’s your Mrs. Renfro’s, what’s your hurry?”

One reason I love Lisa’s work is that she has shown me not to go too overboard with exclamation marks. O, and also that it is cool to be naked and run around. And that meat can come out of anywhere.


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