My Art School Breakdown comments

Whoa 54 comments on my Hyperallergic cartoon post! The thread is about the content-context gap and how the cartoon doesn’t really have a raison d’ete. I sort of agree it would be better as part of a larger work — it’s like writing, the longer the piece the more complicated. I’m lazy that way, need a longer attention span or…lots of shorter ones that are about the same thing.

2 thoughts on “My Art School Breakdown comments

  1. I could read an entire book of these one page “chapters”! I love your autobio work so much. One of my favorite comments (before I quit reading in a panic) was “huh? That’s not funny!” With that one comment you MADE IT to the cartoonist canon along with the greats of Lynda Barry, Charles Burns, and Matt Groening (among others). Congratulations! Also, WHO are these people who are commenting? If that comic is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

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