Caution: Hot enough to burn!

I am either ahead of culture or way behind. Example of being ahead of my time: In 2012 I was the only person in the entire country holding up an “Artists for Mitt!” hand painted sign at a busy intersection. An example of being behind: In 1990 I finally got into croissants! In that same trend I am just now finding out about the whole INXS/Michael Hutchence saga. What led me to it was a video of Paula Yates doing her in-bed interview show with MH, the biggest flirt-a-thin on record. Anyway, Hutchence died most likely of suicide in 1997, then Yates overdosed and left children–including her daughter with MH, Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence Geldof born in 1996–and most recently Peaches Geldof (from Yates marriage with Bob Geldof) who died of an overdose I think last year and also left young children behind. It is all a goddamn disaster! But at any rate, what I am talking about here is this video above of Hutchence singing Searching in 1996. I think it is an amazing performance from a guy who is nearing the end of his rope. I could literally watch it over and over. His body reminds me of my ex-lover B who also wore huggingly short-sleeved satinish unbuttoned shirts. Sigh…

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