Bob Mould Neptune Seattle Non-review


I took notes during this show and when I would pull out my pink Moleskin notebook which I believe is made in China I would think, ‘I wonder if people around me think I’m a REAL music reviewer’! Which is sophomoric I know but like I tell A., I’m basically a frat boy with breasts — although some of theirs may be larger than mine? My notes:

With his glasses steaming up Bob looks a tad like Mister Magoo. Shouldn’t everyone be mosh pit hopping dancing shouldn’t we be as sweaty as Bob out of respect? He does just run on and one song flows into the next no stop and you can’t hear a word and it all starts to sound the same (so many ear plugs!). (I wrote on Twitter that BM is “A relentless wall of sound who looks like your grandpa.” But maybe just your dad.) Energy you will never have. He looks un-cool like me I like that. Bass player with wedding ring orange and blackstarĀ amps silver glittering drum set. With his red pate and downy arms he doesn’t care this is on his terms we don’t know what to do. Albertsons’ blue and white colored guitar. Not wearing ear plugs at Bob Mould is like fucking without a rubber like FUCK IT IF MY EARS BLOW OUT that immediacy you pay a long-term price for and then in a throwback gesture he spits water on us in front O please mind power make everyone dance! bob

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