Our new boy!

We adopted a dog from Ginger’s “Death Row Dog” Rescue today. His name is Kenny and he has a bit of Brussels in him. (Did you hear that in Belgium euthanasia on people is out of control?!) for being saved from a high kill shelter in CA the guy is really relaxed and trusting. We drove out to Arlington to the foster home, a woman named Cheryl who lives on 5 acres and takes tons of dogs in! I adore her. Before she even said Hi she scolded me on Charley’s weight. I love that. It is the 2 by 4 I needed to be hit in the kopf with. Of course Kenny needs to GAIN weight! He has been sleeping since we brought him home just about. I think he’s got a lot of lost resting to make up for!
O yes I must say that Ginger has got it going on. Everyone whom I have ever met that volunteered for her was so nice! It sure beats the rescue place we went to yesterday where we all came in and the ‘trainer’ said right off the bat, “yeah I like animals more than I like people. Everyone here feels this way.” Great customer service, huh?


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