First-year-of-marriage Casserole

dough cass

So what if I am not married let alone in my first year of it but ALAS that doesn’t mean that I can’t make a first year of marriage casserole just as well as the next call-her-mother-on-the-phone-to-cook-rice bride. I just had to share this catastrophic concoction I made for dinner tonight, a side dish to remember for a long time for all of the wrong reasons. I think the only other dish I made that was more hideous than this is years back when my ma, sis and I were at our yearly trip to the coast and I made a dish using CANNED CHICKEN! Talk about a FREAK! Nobody could eat it. One of those, “What was I thinking?” moments by the sea. I mean we’ve all had those, right?

Yeah so I had bags of tomatoes, apples and zucchinis and my conception of this dish was that it would turn out like some sort of gallette. But I was too lazy to make the correct dough and so used diet Bisquick and made dough and pushed it onto the bottom of a big glass pan. Then I sautéed and steamed apple and zucchini slices while pressing tomato slices and onions into the dough blobs. For the top I made crumbs by burning old bread ends in the oven (what, are we in the Great Depression or what?) and whirring them with a tad of butter in the food processor. They were dry because I have a terrible Butter Fear (the closest term for this phobia is Arachibutyrophobia). Sprinkled those on and baked.

There was no flavor even though I threw in rosemary and greek oregano from the garden and salt and pepper. And as you can see from the close up, the dough stayed RAW in the middle and was dark brown on the bottom. The vegetables and fruit were mushy. I served it with bbq chicken legs to A. when he got home from swing shift and he was so polite and ate the ENTIRE PORTION I had shoveled onto his plate (remember the spaghetti scene in that Beatles movie?). 

What a nice, non-married beau!

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