Strange cartoon about…?


I submitted this cartoon to a new venue and they were like, “Can you tell me what this is about?” I wrote back that maybe it is something about life getting in the way of responsibilities or about paperwork and artists in general.
Perhaps it is a warning about drinking so much coffee that you become a human water bug jumping across the surface of consciousness and can’t recall what the hell you went out the door for in the first place. Maybe it is a self-scolding bad dog training cartoon (Charley was the WORST dog in his obedience classes! The instructor Robin had to take over for me and most of the evenings she would just be standing on his lead like 8 inches from his collar so that he was stuck practically on the floor for not obeying! My English bulldog was a stellar student compared to my Brussels griffon. I kind of am making an excuse for my dog but still. Also, Charley is very obedient when food is involved. He will drop, sit, shake hands, etc., on command. He will even heel if I ask!)
Back to the cartoon.
It might be about food trumping memory, or about the sensory nature of blackberries in streetlights overcoming any need to post a contract. Or, is it about the messiness of life rubbing off on the stuff we are supposed to keep clean? About the concrete nature of coffee and fruit staining what is abstract? It is a walk at night, a sister’s art project from 1960-something become an icon, a dog following his smashed black truffle of a nose.
I could not really come up with an answer for the new cartoon venue and so we passed on it. But the new venue DID take two of the next cartoons I sent!
Sometimes I just don’t know what things are all about, even when they originate in me! Thank goodness!

2 thoughts on “Strange cartoon about…?

  1. I love your comics in general, but this is so my kind of comic. I feel like it’s about real life–the things we live out in the midst of those larger events that come once in awhile but get all the press. I want a comic about your midnight walks with Charlie!

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