“Breathless” haircut

1980 – something (ha!). California Institute of the Arts. What was the name of the school’s theater? Dorm room. Great pair of gray scissors.

Goddard’s 1960 film Breathless with Jean Seberg, Jean-Paul Belmondo and innovative jump cuts affected me deeply the first time I saw it at CalArts. I was unstable as it was (living on cheap white wine and peanuts, swimming compulsively every day, climbing through men’s dorm windows) and so after seeing this movie I went strait to my dorm room and cut off all of my hair to look exactly like Seberg’s character — an act that was freeing, hypnotic, fantasy-making, chic and disturbing at once!



One thought on ““Breathless” haircut

  1. Where’s the photo of you?? Also, yes to that movie and Seberg’s haircut which I still wish I could pull off, but I can’t. Also, this would make a *fantastic* comic story. For reals.

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