Cooper the shih tsu lives in Lytham, Lancashire UK with his owner Kristy Forrester. A. and I happened upon this tongue trick video online and now I follow Cooper and his various tricks — he plays baby games like putting plastic shapes in the appropriate shaped holes, etc. In the videos you never see Kristy’s face but you DO see her stuff which says a lot about her, like in a work of fiction where the person’s home is described in order to make them more real.
In one video Kristy wears a robe with pink hearts on red. She has crazy socks on when, say, Cooper walks on top of her feet with her. Her shoes set on the clean and clotted cream colored rug of her apartment have different colored closures across their tops. She just seems like a real kick, hanging out with her dog after work and teaching him all these tricks! On Cooper’s website Ms. Forrester writes down the ‘recipes’ on how to train your dog to do the same tricks Cooper does. It is sooooooo cute! And the British accent is a real plus!
I want to visit Kristy and Cooper in Lytham!
PS I have to watch this video every day.

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