Demeaning desserts?

D. And I attended a sit down 100 people dinner party at Chihuly Garden and Glass a few weeks back (fillet mignon and COPPER RIVER SALMON — I joke about the way people go insane over that out here gotta scream when you refer to it okay? — for all!) and after dinner this chick in reds glides into the room wearing/as a rolling table/dress. Perhaps this has taken the place of women popping out from the tops of cakes? I mean the gluten free cakes out here (everyone is insane over that trend, too!) would be too dense for even a weight lifter to push up and out of!
D. And I didn’t know how in the world to react. Should we be mad that a woman was objectified enough to become a piece of furniture? I mean she was both vulnerable (couldn’t run from danger) AND protected by a chastity “belt” at once. Yet she was probably getting paid decent enough which is empowering. We were confused!
I sort of felt like the joke was on us though. Red table lady was a smart Alec, her attitude nearly sending me into PTSD regarding that evil clown who tortured tourists along Barcelona’s La Rambla, totally humiliating them in public! Yeah this babe was giving us our just desserts by laughing at US!
We didn’t feel all sisterhoody about her after THAT!


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