“Ich bin ein Paczki.”

Okay. This dough ball of Polish tradition has altered my life. Like a juggernaut flying through my dreams and landing in my stomach-soul (same difference) I ate one and became one with its perfection. A. brought this box of them home (four!) from Metropolitan Market and this is what it says on Paper Products Company’s website:

Paczki (Pro: Punch-Key) is the Polish, jelly filled dough ball associated with Fat Tuesday and is made in Polish households and other eastern European countries to use up the eggs, shortening, and sugar because they are going to fast for the 40 days of Lent. Herbert Holinko,a Polish-American leader and recipient of the Cavalier’s Cross, Poland’s hightest civilian award, signs the Paczki tradition story on the side of our box. The ribbon of The Order of St. Stanislas was awarded to us and appears on the side of our box because of Paper Products Co’s involvement in promotion of Polish culture and heritage.
Our PACZKI packaging is the most original and authentic design and romances your jelly filled dough ball inside. Call us for details on how we can help you market your paczki through effective and tested packaging and promotional offerings.

In Germany this is called a Berliner, the treat Kennedy became with his speech there when he said, “Ich bin ein Berliner!” He meant to say he was a kindred soul of folks living in Berlin, but the translation given to him was wrong. Although some say it was a fine translation after all!

All I know is that I have never eaten anything so sumptuous. It is made with wheat AND barley flour and yeast of course. To eat it is the equivalent of jumping into a huge feather bed with someone you are out of your mind horny for. With jelly on top.

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