comiconlistThe comicon to-do list is so big that I get paralyzed or waste time. Like yesterday having technical issues with my printer and instead of waiting until monday to ring support i try the same manuevers over and over expecting different results. for hours. it’s anne lamott’s bird by bird deal that needs to be applied! i saw her read once because back when i used to read (need to make a cartoon about this subject) i read all of her non-fiction and one fiction book (not her thing but she tries so hard!). i even saw jamaica kincaid talk at a gardening soiree because that was the only way i could see her. i think i sent up a question to the stage about custard apples or i believe what she may have called them in her books chirimoya. i tasted one once in spain it was sort of yukky. i love her essays and writing so much makes me wish i still read so that i could read them over and over. i think one in the new yorker was about a Halloween costume? and then there are those about her first years in nyc and how threadbare her living was so beautiful.
custard apple photo c/o fruitdirectory.com

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