Chris Ware (what, why, when and how)

Saw Chris Ware and Chip Kidd tonight and it was nothing to draw home about. Ware is of course fantastic I love his diary stuff especially even more than the more architectural drawings how can the guy DRAW that much and still do anything else? Really he’s amazing and tall and sort of stiff like a brilliant swizzle stick. His pal the designer Chip Kidd did discuss a book he designed for children about design, font, etc. which my companion Max bought for his artistic son. Pretty swell looking book but Kidd kinda thought he was a sit down comedian and showed off a bit much. That’s the way I used to be and so that’s probably why it rubs me wrong. I don’t know it was just…well the frickin’ questions at the end SUCKED, too. Lame audience questions from the land of stereotypical tired as hell questions! Like, “How have digital books affected the print book world,” and “What advice do you have for someone just starting out their career?” This last question was answered by Kidd in a funny way he said, “Well, that’s a rather broad question as I’m not sure what career they are talking about.” And Ware had a good comeback for that doozy, too: “Don’t think about a career. The reward of making work should be the work itself.”
Very well said!

One thought on “Chris Ware (what, why, when and how)

  1. I am going to admit here in the privacy of EE’s blog comments that although I recognize and admire the craft of Chris Ware, his finished work leaves me cold ( love his sketchbook stuff though). There! I said it! As for the Kidd, I LOVE his book work, but find him obnoxious in person. I still would have eaten my hat to see this talk!

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