paul ‘n’ me


When Barb and I played Beatles as kids I was usually John and she was Paul (we didn’t care about Ringo and George, but we traded off playing Linda). Actually I should have been the pretend Paul because I realize, after reading the recently published Rolling Stone Special Collectors Edition of Paul McCartney that he and I have something in common. Neither of us are ‘cool’. John was cool. The artist Debra Baxter is cool. James Dean was cool, etc. But Paul and I are easy-going happy people who like corny stuff. I’m just a giggler and he wrote “Silly Love Songs.” So there!

I didn’t realize how much this frickin’ magazine cost! I just grabbed it, I don’t pay attention to that stuff. I told Barb I’m going to send it to her when I’m done and that she can have it. She wants to send me half of the dough. Thanks, Barbarino!

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