dental office receptionist

Theresa my dentist’s receptionist is beautiful and kind and mature. She is also a night owl like me! Found out as I missed my teeth cleaning appointment with Tina yet Dee had some time after so I hopped in the car and got there in time. I slept through my alarm because, well, it is currently 3:30 AM if you get my drift.
Anyway after I told Theresa that I even had to attend afternoon kindergarten (my best friend BB went to the morning sessions) she told me a story she recalled just then about preschool:
“There was a kid in my class who looked different,” she explained; “I did not like the way he looked, he looked like Pinocchio! So I shut my eyes as not to see him. Our teacher tried to tempt me to open them by putting potato chips on my desk. I would open them for a second and see her freckly arms. After a few weeks of this I was sent home and told that I was ‘not ready’ for preschool.”
I love stories like this, the kind impossible to make up! Except for maybe by a kid…

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