Lori Nix talk

Saw and heard Lori Nix tonight her show opens here tomorrow saw Claudia and Gail (Gibson) and they never age what the hell are they fountain of youth drinking? Late at night like a set from a Tennessee Williams play a fountain where each character crosses the line of the other and never the twain shall meet. Anyway it was D’s idea to see Nix she took ma and I as she loves to photograph distressed abandoned buildings and Nix has a series of apocalyptic images of abandoned and ruined places. Nix grew up like me in love with Planet of the Apes movies and such, she grew up in Kansas with natural disasters and such. So she still uses film and builds miniature sets with her girlfriend in Brooklyn in their apartment with their cats and they also have day jobs (!) AND she only prints 15 photographs from each print they will only go up in value. It’s all pretty amazing and I guess all of the coolest people live in Brooklyn except for Amy Sedaris who lives in the Village. Afterward D. took ma and I to a place for chicken and waffles the first time I have eaten that FINALLY praise god it was so damn good plus we split a shrimp Po Boy sandwich and ma ate fish and chips with a water glass of house red. Then we drove D. to the airport for her trip to Arkansas where I once lived and on way home swept up A. from work it all worked deliciously. O and the best part is that my depression lifted because I got to listen to Nix whose show made my brain spark better than electroshocktherapy and I told D. that I liked her emotional compositions…


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