a la ‘Tour

Here we are at Brightwater reflected in an artwork.

Everybody got excited at the hazardous waste drop off site when an ex-gold miner brought in an ancient jar of cyanide!

At Cedar Grove Landfill you can get a special permit to dump off your 25 foot boat!

Yesterday for the household hazardous waste cartoon book gig the filmmaker Clyde and I plus Tamara from 4Culture were taken to Cedar Grove landfill & Cloverdale haz waste drop off & state of the art Brightwater Treatment Facility. We all downed huge burritos at the base of the growing South Park bridge and I had to steal coffee from people at a conference. Alas! The tour was really cool. Dave says that when you cut through the decades of garbage at CG the layers look like bunches of torn, gray cloth. O, and we were sent home from Brightwater with samples of compost made from solid waste — I think you know what I’m talkin’ about, ha! Anyway, at BW you cannot smell ONE THING! Amazing but true.

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