Drawing Tablet Fears

What if I forget how to draw on paper?
What if I never get used to this digital tablet that cost a fortune?
How will it affect me to sit at a computer vs. at the farm table next to a window?
What is this paradigm shift doing to my ‘style’?

These and many more questions are holding hands and dancing in circles in my head like women in those Matisse paintings. All bright and bold they spin and sing, freaking me toward instant nostalgia. Technology speeds up nostalgia to where we can’t acclimate quick enough to major changes and…something’s gotta give. Hence my dancing Graces.

I did become much more adroit at using the thing in just two days time. I can see the progress. Working on the same cartoon over and over just to compare. Here is a sample of the FIRST digital tablet drawing (left) compared to the one next day:


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