Candy Crush Withdrawal

My sister turned me on to Candy Crush and it has been for me a (short-lived) saga. I partook for about a week or more and became very addicted. For example, when I sat with A. at night to watch a little tele (well, we have no cable so we watch Netflix, Hulu, etc. from the laptop) I had my head down looking at my stupid phone vs. holding his hand and paying attention and discussing the program with him. Or, instead of reading Tristram Shandy (what a crazy novel!) I would pick up the phone and play. Got up to level 55 I think. Today when I had the willingness to delete the icon I jumped right in and tapped that wiggling ‘x’ to get my life back. X marks the spot alright, the spot to be more present and productive. But damn, isn’t it great in the morning to pour a big cup of coffee, sit down in a blanket on the couch, turn on Fox News Radio (John Gibson is hilarious; plus replays of Fox Television’s The Five which I miss like hell now that we have no cable. That and Red Eye) and play Candy Crush. Damn, the ultimate escape. And I love, as we know from my past, great escapes.
Trying to break away from Candy Crush? C’mon, you can do it! Today I’ve been a little sad, a little anxious, but also feeling much better about myself. And look, ma, I’m writing!

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